Welcome to our new crewsite of all しム√ム Crews !


What is this?

You can find many hints on this site. In the future there will be a token schedule for wildcards. In our forum you can ask questions  about CSR2.

We are international crews. It is often difficult to find the best times for the activation of a wildcard. This page should help to use the tokens so that the crew maximizes success.

Only admins activate wildcards 

We activate the 150% wildcard only once a week, so it's never wrong to put tokens in the 30% or 70% Wildcard.

You should see a pinned message in crew chat telling you about the next wildcard activation

Please change your driver name like this:

しム√ム 🔁D-Mon🇩🇪

  • しム√ム to make you better recognizable for other crew members in live races
  • if you swap RP you can add a "swap-symbol"
  • your nickname
  • your country flag

Please sign up with your nickname. You can even use your GOOGLE or LINE ID for authentication.

Have fun

Your しム√ム Crew team

Mark Hi Fraenk, How does the Wildcard pinned notifications work? Maic is making this an issue with their own interpretation which is divisive, so some clarity would help. Thanks and all the best. Mylesey.
SonMex Fuel. (no isn't hack is a glitch. You can do it and of this mode you can play all day) https://youtu.be/nwsnJxV5lI0 https://youtu.be/ghyRVqwE-84