Welcome to our new crewsite of all しム√ム Crews !


What is this?

You can find many hints on this site. In the future there will be a token schedule for wildcards. In our forum you can ask questions  about CSR2.

We are international crews. It is often difficult to find the best times for the activation of a wildcard. This page should help to use the tokens so that the crew maximizes success.

Only admins activate wildcards 

We activate the 150% wildcard only once a week, so it's never wrong to put tokens in the 30% or 70% Wildcard.

You should see a pinned message in crew chat telling you about the next wildcard activation

Please change your driver name like this:

しム√ム 🔁D-Mon🇩🇪

  • しム√ム to make you better recognizable for other crew members in live races
  • if you swap RP you can add a "swap-symbol"
  • your nickname
  • your country flag

Please sign up with your nickname. You can even use your GOOGLE or LINE ID for authentication.

Have fun

Your しム√ム Crew team

SonMex Fuel. (no isn't hack is a glitch. You can do it and of this mode you can play all day) https://youtu.be/nwsnJxV5lI0 https://youtu.be/ghyRVqwE-84