Fastest times and tunes
WR Sheet TIER,#,CAR,★,PP,EVO,NITRO,FD,TIRE,DYNO,BEST ET,DIFF,INFO,VIDEO,DRIVER,TIER,#,CAR,★ T1,1,Sneak's Ford Focus TrackSTer,P3,354,945,176/4.2,2.87,52/48,11.722,11.593,-0.129,INFO, href="https://..."
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How to use the LINE Messenger on a PC
Recently free voice call and messenger smart phone application Line messenger release PC version with desktop client and browser version
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We have a LINE group
LINE is a new communication app which allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day!
While the crew chat doesn't work we will activate the daily Wildcard at 20.00 UTC - Some players did not receive Crew-RP. The support is actually working on that problem
CSR2 Intelligence - including upcoming prestige and price cars
Seasons SEASON, DATE, UPDATE, PRIZE CAR, PRESTIGE CAR, GOLDEN CUP CAR, SPECIAL EVENT PRE-SEASON CARS LIST( purple star only for first, regular for top crews) 1, May 19, 2016, 1. 3, Bentley Continental GT3-R, Ferrari 488 GTB( replaced),-,- 2, June 2, 2016, Chevrolet Corvette Z06/ C7R( Top 3),...